Ode to the ‘Legends of the Hidden Temple’ Silver Monkey

Shrine of the Silver MonkeyToday is the 14th anniversary of the last time Nickelodeon aired Legends of the Hidden Temple, the beloved (life-changing, awe-inspiring) Nick game show that combined the awesomeness of the Indiana Jones movies with the frustratingly unseemly logic of children thrown into a scary, haunted temple with trap doors and surprise tormentors. It was, in essence, perfect. There was, however, one element that never seemed to make sense: why could no one — no one — solve the puzzle in the Shrine of the Silver Monkey

We all watched in horror, episode after episode, as every single team failed to assemble three stackable pieces of a very rudimentary (to the untrained eye, apparently) silvery monkey, no matter how ample the time on the clock. Oh, Silver Monkey! Why did you confound them so? Despite theories of olive-oil coated pieces and off-camera disorientation techniques (neither of which we’ve been able to prove) we’ve settled on an ode, rather than an answer. We’re pretty sure Olmec would be pleased. 
Ode to the Silver Monkey

Thou unsolvable enigma,

Thou perplexing puzzle,

Silver monkey of the Hidden Temple Shrine

Your impossibility is legend:

Why, oh why, could no child assemble

Your scattered, shiny pieces?

What secret did your grey parts possess?

What trickery? What magic?

What infernal contraption? What interference?

Oh, sweet Silver Monkey

How you encumbered every foe

Oh, sweet Silver Monkey

How your pieces always lay off kilter

Oh, infernal Silver Monkey,

How your mystery remained forever hidden

How your impossibly slippery surfaces

Forever foiled Jaguars, Barracudas, and Parrots all

What wonder, what honor

For the few who solved your great puzzle

O! You were never as simple

As your trio of shapes did seem

We shook our fists in ire and impatience

But it was you all along, Silver Monkey

You were utterly unsolvable

Never to be tamed by any hand

And in case you don’t remember just how impossible this puzzle was, take a gander at this video:

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[Photo Credit: Nickelodeon]


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