Official: ‘Punk’d’ To Return With Ashton Kutcher as Producer, Justin Bieber as First Host

Justin BieberFor some time now, we’ve heard whispers of the return of MTV’s Punk’d, but until now it was not entirely official, leading some to believe that it we were all being…well, you know. But doubt no further: MTV has officially ordered a new Punk’d series.

The new version of Punk’d will vary a bit from the old: Kutcher will only play producer as opposed to on-screen host. The new Punk’d will feature a different celebrity host every week, starting with Justin Bieber on the premiere. A while back, it was reported that Bieber might be the show’s permanent host, but the one-host-per-week format might serve better in keeping the show fresh and lively. Bieber alone is a big enough sell for an episode of the prank series, but his victim will be just as noteworthy a member of the pop music world.

MTV will be releasing further information about the revival of Punk’d during its NYE in NYC 2012 special on Dec. 31.

Source: EW