On The Couch: A Vampire Who Needs a Little Freud

The Vampire DiariesBob Mahoney/The CW

You’d think having an eternity to work out your issues would mean vamps are kind of centered. All that down time, centuries of personal growth, sex whenever you want it. But anyone who digs into the genre quickly learns that 21st century vampires like to suffer.

If a metaphor for human conflict ever haunted the airwaves, that would be Vampire Diaries’ Stefan Salvatore. Okay, he’s a perennial teenager, but he’s so past puberty he could be living on the perks. So what’s with all the Adjustment Disorders?

Sure, you’re smarter than everyone, and your girlfriend is a depressive. But you’re more handsome than anyone in your class, and could have any girl. Although, come to think of it, you’re perfect for each other. Conflicted, sullen, and you both mumble a lot.

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