‘Once Upon a Time’ Finale: Something Magical This Way Comes

once upon a timeThe Season 1 finale of Once Upon a Time had everything you could ever want in a fairytale story: Sword-wielding, fire-breathing dragons, double-crossing, and, of course, true love’s kiss. But the crazy part is, I’m not even referring to the fairytale world.

Thanks to Henry taking one of the team and eating the sleep-inducing apple turnover, Emma finally became a believer in Team Cobra (yay!), which lead to her breaking the curse and saving Henry’s life. (That true love stuff really does pack quite a punch, eh?) And while it may sound a little too cheesy for some people, this was the first time I found the Storybrooke aspect of the show just as compelling as the fairytale flashbacks, which is really saying something.

Throughout the first season, I was constantly wondering how the writers were going to keep this storyline going since we all knew Emma was going to eventually find out the truth at some point. But then what? If the curse is gone, then what could there be to keep the audience intrigued with the show? Luckily, the final episode opened up a door of endless possibilities after Mr. Gold — who was just reunited with his long-lost Belle (double yay!) — took what little he had left of the True Love potion and dumped it into the well in order to return magic to all the fairytale characters (like that smoke monster for all you Lost fans).

That’s right, folks. The curse may have been lifted, but this group is no where close to getting their happily ever after now that magic (and power) are about to envelop the town. Regina wasn’t just smiling at the purple smoke because it reminded her of her favorite Lost episode (though that could partially be the reason). She was smiling because this means the magical powers she once possessed as the Evil Queen are about to be restored.

But she isn’t the only one we’ll have to worry about next season. Mr. Gold, nay Rumpelstiltskin, was the one who decided to set all this in motion in the first place. There’s no telling what sort of trickery he has in store for the members of Storybrooke that that he’s fully regained his power. We’ve learned by now that all magic comes with a price, so this could end up having some drastic consequences.

It might have taken me all season to get to this point, but thanks to the finale’s non-stop action in the Storybrooke realm, I’m officially hooked. Gone are the days of fast forwarding your DVR through the boring “real world” parts. This realm just got a whole lot more interesting, and I for one can’t wait to see how Emma & Co. plan on fighting against Regina and Mr. Gold now that they have the full might of magic on their side. It’s going to be a long summer….

What did you think of the Season 1 finale of Once Upon A Time? Were you just as enchanted as I was? Sound off in the comments section. 


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