Did We Love The ‘Once Upon A Time In Wonderland’ Premiere?

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, TV StillABC

Once Upon A Time In Wonderland recently premiered on ABC and the spinoff series will at least strike a chord with fans of Once Upon A Time. But what about new viewers who are coming to the show with fresh eyes — those who are unfamiliar with Ginnifer Goodwin’s character and her fairytale exploits? Well, folks like that might be drawn in anyway, as the beloved story of Alice in Wonderland never seems to get old.

In the pilot episode we meet Alice (played by Sophie Lowe) as she exists in the real world. And in the real world, a girl with experiences like Alice would only exist in a psychiatric facility. As Alice flashbacks to her life in Wonderland, we get a sense of that magical world, and for those of us who are always interested in Wonderland re-imaginings or re-tellings (whether they come from Tim Burton, or Disney, or Woody Allen) this is definitely a cool experience.

Alice has to decide between life in her present-day Victorian London and the Wonderland that begins to call her back. As the series progresses there will be crossover episodes with Once Upon A Time, and based on the pilot, it looks like things will start to heat up; this is partly because Alice’s return to Wonderland isn’t welcomed by all, nor is it exactly of her own doing.

For those not entirely familiar with the fantasy-drama style of these shows, there’s definitely a cheese factor here, but overall the experience of watching Alice re-enter the rabbit hole with her buddy the Knave of Hearts and the White Rabbit is pretty fun. And we have to admit the Knave (played by Michael Socha) and Alice’s love interest Cyrus (played by Peter Gadiot) add that little bit of eye candy every show needs. These two cuties alone are worth the price of admission. 

Once Upon A Time In Wonderland airs Thursdays at 8PM ET on ABC.