‘Once Upon a Time’ Makes Emilie de Ravin a Cast Regular

Emilie de RavinThings didn’t work out so great for Emilie de Ravin on Lost. Well, not in the long term. After she got kidnapped and released, her life sort of began to take a downward spiral. Hopefully, the same patterns won’t follow her on the Once Upon a Time — the former islander, who had a recurring role as Belle of Beauty and the Beast fame during Season 1 of the ABC’s storybook series, has been promoted to a regular cast member for the upcoming second season.

As was Claire’s fate in the early days of Lost, Belle spent the better part of her OUAT first season imprisoned; the finale saw the beautiful French princess freed by none other than the Mad Hatter, who took it upon himself to rescue her as an act of vengeance against her captor, the villainous queen.

The news of de Ravin’s promotion was confirmed to Hollywood.com via an ABC rep. This turn of events will likely be seen as terrific news to tans of OUAT, Lost, and the classic series BeastMaster — yep, Claire was on BeastMaster. Best news you’ve heard all day?

[Photo Credit: David Edwards/Daily Celeb]


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Emilie de Ravin

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