‘Once Upon a Time’ Recap: Heated Arguments and Hot Reunions


This Week’s episode of Once Upon a Time was heart-breakingly beautiful. Charming and Snow’s fiery passions are ignited in a bittersweet reunion and Hook’s true allegiances are revealed. Check out all you may have missed and more from “Into The Deep”…

The Deal is Off: The episode opens with Hook finally climbing down from that beanstalk and surprise, surprise! Cora is waiting for him at the bottom, and she does not look to happy to see the ridiculously attractive pirate. Needless to say when she discovers that he does not have the compass she quickly becomes furious and says that their deal is off and she will be finding a way to Storybrooke without him. So Killian does what does best. He unleashes his smoldering eyes and sexy charm in hopes of wooing the witches affection. Cora flatly tells him, “You’re pretty face buys you a lot, but not my time. It’s too valuable.” Damn. She really is heartless. And speaking of heartless: we soon see that Cora has her own vault of hearts in Fairytale Land (like mother like daughter!) and it only takes one gentle touch before the whole wall of hearts begin to glow. With one frightful word, (“Rise!”) all of the townspeople that she slaughtered begin to come forth in a zombie like haze.

From Enemies to Allies: Snow and Emma quickly confirm that the boy in Aurora’s dream is indeed Henry and they can now use these dreams as a walkie-talkie between realms. Snow is most excited at their newfound connection because if there is one person who can help stop Cora, it’s Rumplestilskin. Emma snaps, “Oh yeah princess you’re going back to sleep.” Poor little Aurora is now just a pawn in their quest to get back home, but hey, at least she’s somewhat useful now. Over in Snow’s apartment, Henry wakes up from his most recent fiery visit with the princess and Regina is waiting by his side. He says that Snow and Emma are in desperate need of help to fight off the most dangerous and wicked of villains. “Who?” Regina asks. Henry’s response is simple: “Your mother.”

Regina quickly realizes that she and Rumple need to team up in order to take out mommy dearest, but the former “Dark One” is less than thrilled to talk things out. Rumple is trying to enjoy a day date with his beloved Belle but it seems that everyone keeps interrupting. It’s clear that Granny is not the biggest fan of Rumple: “I change extra for pickles,” she coldly tells him. (Yeah Granny, that’ll show him!) And then Regina shows up mid-bite asking for his help. Rumple quickly calls attention to the awkward elephant in the room: “Belle you remember the woman who locked you up for 28 years?” However, Rumple’s demeanor quickly changes when he realizes that his first and most powerful pupil is trying to come to their home. Regina says it best: “There’s a big difference this time, this time you have someone you care about. This time you have a weakness.”

Over in Rumple’s shop, Regina and Charming are nervous about sending Henry back into the fiery dream, but Henry insists that this is what he wants, ““I’m done reading about heroes. I want to be one.” Okay well that was pretty cute. Rumple tells Henry a bedtime story with all the details that Snow and Emma will need to get back home, but the story is actually one we already know. Remember back when Snow and Charming captured and immobilized Rumple using Cinderella’s quill? Well it wasn’t actually the quill that did it, it was the ink. Rumple explains, “Harvested from the rarest species of squid from the bottom of a bottomless ocean. Impossible to find unless you’re a mermaid. Or me. I happen to have a private supply, in my jail cell. That is where they will find it.” But before Henry could pass along the message, Aurora is ripped from the room. Mulan is shaking the princess awake because Cora’s zombies are attacking their camp in hopes of stealing back the compass. Snow once again shows that she is Hunger Games worthy with her bow and arrow, and saves Emma a number of times form becoming post-apocalyptic zombie food. However, none of the girls were able to protect the helpless Aurora from being princess-napped.


I Knew You’d Be Here!: Henry is badly burned from his most recent adventure in the Netherworld, so of course Charming and Regina jump into over-protective parental mode and refuse to let him go back to sleep. Charming is absolutely positive that Snow will be the one to go back into the room so he demands that Regina put him under a sleeping curse so that he may be reunited with his on true love. “When I see her she’ll kiss me and I’ll be fine.” The two evil-doers hesitate for a moment but Charming is set in his decision, “Now put me under. I’ve spent far too much time looking for my wife. It is time to bring her home!” (Swoon. He’s so damn romantic.)

Regina prepares the sleeping curse while an astounded Henry watches in awe of his mother’s villainess skills. But Henry is beyond worried that his royal grandpa won’t be able to find Snow and wake up from the curse. Regina calmly says, “If there is one thing I know about your grandparents, they always find each other.” See! Even the evil queen knows how amazing their love is. Rumple reveals that they must put him under the curse “the old-fashioned way,” so Charming must prick his finger on the poisoned needle of a spinning wheel. Before he falls under the curse, Rumple explains that he needs to find the room with no doors in order to get to Snow. Charming questions how he is going to complete that seemingly impossible task, “And that dearie is the conundrum we’re all depending on you solving,” Rumple retorts.

Charming enter the Netherworlds and is in a dark room filled with mirrors—not flames. The Prince feels the floor is burning hot and he quickly realizes that he is just above the red room. He uses the sharp bottom of his torch to break through the glass bottom and falls flat on his face in the room with no windows or doors. Not to worry Charming lover! He’s not upset because Snow is there too! She is shocked and surprised to see her beloved; “You found me!” And Charming sweetly says, “I knew you’d be here.” But Snow is quickly less excited once she realizes that the only way her husband could be here is via a sleeping curse. Charming tells his wife everything she needs to know to defeat Cora and then jumps past the flames to go in for a kiss to wake him up. Unfortunately our two star-crossed lovers cannot physically touch, they are like really really attractive holograms. Snow begins to panic because she is waking up, but Charming stays calm and collected, “It’s okay, you’ll get back and then you’ll wake me like I woke you.” They exchange bittersweet I love you’s and then Snow is whisked away.

The Princess Puppet: Cora has Aurora locked up in one of her dark dungeons and has her sweet voice on as she tries to coax information out of the princess. But in her act of being a little badass, Aurora kicks away they witches tray of food and snaps, “I’m not as stupid as you think nor are my loyalties so easily bought, you can bring me a hundred meals and make me a hundred promised but I will never help you!” Cora throws Aurora against the wall and she promptly falls asleep again. A little while later, Hook arrives and sets Aurora free in what seems to be an act of rebellion against Cora. But before you get too excited that our sexy pirate is on the good side, read on. He took her heart! And then gave it to Cora as a gift! Now Cora can control Aurora like a pretty little doll and can spy on our heroines in their quest to get back home.

What did you think of “Into The Deep”? How amazing was that scene between Charming and Snow? Worried that they’ll never get home? Cast your spell in the comments below!

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