‘Once Upon a Time’ Recap: The Most Horrible, Death-Filled Birthday Ever

‘Once Upon a Time’ Recap: The Most Horrible, Death-Filled Birthday Ever

Once Upon A Time
Once Upon A Time "The Queen is Dead" - Upon discovering Cora and Regina's plan to find and take possession of Rumplestiltskin's dagger, Mary Margaret, with the aid of David and Mother Superior, makes it her mission to find it first; and while Mr. Gold continues his quest in New York to reunite with son Bae, Hook devises a plan to rid himself of a crocodile. Meanwhile, in the fairytale land that was, the Blue Fairy offers Snow White an unconventional enchantment that could help save her dying mother, Queen Eva, on "Once Upon a Time," SUNDAY, MARCH 3 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/JACK ROWAND) GINNIFER GOODWIN, JOSH DALLAS

Once upon a Time

This week’s episode of Once Upon a Time  led us into the enchanting world of Snow White’s past to learn more about her quest for good and meet her kind-hearted mother Queen Eva (Rena Sofer). Read on for all the devastating details from “The Queen is Dead,” in our wickedly wonderful recap!

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Big Apple Bloodshed: Neil and Henry, clearly trying to jam in as many father/son bonding moments as possible, enjoyed a slice of New York City pizza while Emma and Gold looked on longingly. Gold asked Emma to convience to Neil to come vack to Storybrooke with them, but it’s obvious that all she’s concerned with is getting back in Henry’s good graces. Things don’t improve when Emma asked if he liked the pizza and Henry quipped, “Yeah, it’s delicious, cheesy and doesn’t lie.” (Ouch! That’s pretty harsh, you little brat.)

Back at Neil’s apartment building, Emma and Gold were waiting for the fellas to grab a camera—yes, suddenly this has turned into one giant sight-seeing vacation—when all of the sudden Hook burst throught the door. He shoved Emma aside sneered, “Tick-Tock! Time’s up, crocodile!” and then plunged his hook deep into Gold’s chest. And just in case The Dark One forgot why he was being attacked, Hook added, “You took Mila, my love, my happiness and now I take your life.”

Emma then smacked Hook in the head, knocked him unconscious and after a quick gasp from Neil, (“Papa?!”) they took Gold upstairs. Neil revealed that he’s known Hook for many years and he’d be able to sail the ship back to Storybrooke. Emma questioned exactly how her baby daddy knows the pirate captain and Neil explained, “It’s a long story, the short version is this world wasn’t my first one when I left home. If it was I’d be a couple hundred years old by now.” (He’s talking about Neverland y’all! Read more details about our upcoming journey here!)

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While Emma and Neil were prepping for their upcoming journey, Gold pulled Henry aside and whispered something not-so-sweet in his grandson’s ear. “You stay away from me! You caused this; you brought us back here; you did this!” he said. Henry just looked dumbfounded. Neil and Emma went to get the car that Neil was borrowing from, “a friend” when all of the sudden a super gorgeous girl ran up to Neil and kissed him. Neil and Emma shippers, meet Tamara: Neil’s fiancé.

Fairytale Land Flashbacks: Young Snow White — who look exactly like older Snow White, so bravo, ABC! — walked into the ballroom to show her mother, Queen Eva, her gown for her birthday celebration. Eva told her daughter that she had a very special gift for her, but when they walked into the bedroom they saw a handmaiden named Johanna happily trying on Snow’s tiara.

In a shocking twist young Snow snapped, “How dare you that’s mine! That’s not for a servant!” The queen was aghast at her daugther’s rudeness and calmly explained to her that even though they are “royals,” they are no better than anyone else in the kingdom. Eva explained, “When you are crowned with this on your birthday, it is a symbol that you will always hold goodness in your heart and rule justly.” The Queen’s lesson in kindness ended abruptly when she gasped and fell into a nearby chair.

The queen was deathly ill and Snow was furious that no one in the kingdom knew how to save her mother. Johanna suggested that Snow should look for the Blue Fairy and beg for a magical cure, so that night the princess went on a quest to find her. But before Snow could properly summon her, The Blue Fairy appeared and offered Snow a dark type of magical cure: a candle that could save the queen’s life by sacrificing someone else’s.

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Even though this was the only way to save her mother Snow revealed that she couldn’t disobey her mother’s wishes. “All she ever wanted was for me to be good. I can’t trade someone else’s life for hers.” A distraught Snow told her mother that she refused to use the candle, but she was devastated that her mother was leaving her. Queen Eva smiled, “As long as you hold the spirit of goodness in your heart, I shall never leave you.”

The queen passed and Snow had to celebrate her birthday wearing a beautifully ornate black dress and crying at the alter where her mother was presented in front of the kingdom. Johanna, now a mother-like figure, led a crying Snow out of the ballroom and told her it was time to let her go. Just when we thought the scene was through, the Blue Fairy arrived, but in true Once Upon a Time fashion, it was all a lie.

The Blue Fairy was actually Cora in disguise and she approached Queen Eva’s body with a sick smile on her face. It’s clear that Cora knew Eva (you’ll find out how next week!) and she sneered, “Poison looks good on you and death is most certainly your color.” Cora revealed to the corpse that her plan to make her daughter Queen was almost complete, but first she wanted to destroy Snow White. “I’ll turn Snow White’s heart back as coal that candle won’t be her final test and once I’ve darkened her soul, it wont just be you I’ve destroyed, it’ll be your legacy.”

Storybrooke Stand-Offs: It’s Snow’s birthday, and even though Charming was trying to be subtle with his celebration breakfast, she immediately told her husband that she doesn’t want any of it, especially not the mysterious birthday present that someone left for her. Snow opened the box and was shocked to see the tiara that her mother gave her many years ago with a note signed from Johanna.

Snow went to her handmaiden’s house and greeted her with a huge smile and heart-warming hug. Before she and Snow could reminese about their fairytale past, she heard a noise coming from the forest and then overheard that Regina and Cora are searching for Rumplestilskin’s Dark One dagger. Snow ran to the police station to find an unconscious Charming lying on the floor — Hook’s fault, “Apologies mate!”—and told her husband they need to find the dagger first.

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Fast-forward just a bit and we see that Emma told her parents that Hook had hidden the dagger behind the hands of the clock in the library tower. Charming and Snow retrieved the dagger from its clever hiding spot and with a poof of purple smoke, Cora and Regina appeared demanding for the dagger. Their bargaining piece? Johanna’s heart. Snow quickly realized that it was actually Cora who killed her mother, and like her mother she would’ve wished, she gave the dagger to Cora.

Johanna was free for about 2.5 seconds before Cora used her magic to fling her though the glass and down the three story flight into the concrete below. (Ouch!) Cora sneered, “You see in the end it isn’t good or evil who wins, but power.” But the episode’s end Snow reached a very important decision: “I’m going to kill Cora.”

What did you think of “The Queen is Dead”? Do you think Snow has what it takes to overcome her quest for good and kill Cora? Cast your spell in the comments below!

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