‘Once Upon a Time’ Recap: There’s a She-Wolf in Your Freezer


This week’s Once Upon a Time was just good, old-fashioned fairytale fun. We got a more in-depth glimpse into Red’s vicious past and discovered new secrets about Henry and Aurora’s terrifying nightmares. Read on for all the hairy details…

Meeting Mama: In a Fairytale Land flashback we see that Red and Snow are running through the forest in hopes of escaping the queen’s guards. The two escape but Red sees that there is now a tear in her hood and she orders Snow to get away from her. After all, she could possibly hurt her bestie. (Or even worse, kill her like Red did to Peter last season.) Snow understands saying, “We’re in this together Red.” The next morning, Red is overjoyed to see that her hood worked and is even happier when she meets another “child of the moon.” I’d like to introduce you to Quinn, a super-handsome wolf who is eager to show Red that she can control her wolfself when she changes. He takes Red to an upper secret hideaway and introduces her to Anita, the leader of the pack and also (surprise!) her mother.

Anita is a bit of a dramatic one — she explains to Red that in order not to lose control and black out, she must embrace becoming the wolf: “Humans want us to believe that we’re the monsters. The moment that you believe them, that’s when you become one.” Red experiences her first real night as a wolf and is thrilled the next morning to report that she remembers all of it. Red is even more excited when Snow stumbles down into her wolf hideaway and discovers that her best friend is all right. Red says that she wants to stay with her mother and Snow should proceed on the journey without her. Just when Snow begins to say that she completely understands, the Queen’s knights break into the lair and kill Quinn.


Anita is beyond pissed at Snow for leading the murderers into her den, exclaiming, “Tie her up! When the moon rises, we’ll feast on a princess tonight.” Anita demands that her daughter kill Snow for betraying the pack, but when Red refuses, Anita lunges at Snow instead. Red takes control of her wolfself and tackles her mother away from Snow and onto a random super sharp stick. Her mother’s last dying words are, “You chose her,” but Red exclaims, “No! I chose me. I’m not a killer.”

Full Moon Frenzie: Fun-fact: Granny is a fantastic with a blowtorch. But just why is the old lady welding you ask? She’s turning her walk-in freezer into a cage for her grand-daughter’s first full moon in Storybrooke now that the curse has been broken. Duh! Red’s hooded cloak is nowhere to be found, so she doesn’t want to take the chance of not being able to control her beastly urges. The next morning, Granny arrives and sees that not only is the freezer door open, but there are claw marks all inside and Red is nowhere to be found. Ruh roh! Granny and Charming find a Red asleep in the forest but her slumber quickly turns to panic when she realizes that she doesn’t remember anything from the night before.

Charming responds to a police call about an abandoned tow truck and there they find that Billy — whose Fairytale Land alter ego is Gus Gus from Cinderella — has been cut in half. Red screams bloody murder (literally) when she finds Billy’s feet dangling out of the dumpster and she has convinced herself that she is to blame. George — aka Kind George, Charming’s fake dad — takes this as an opportunity to ignite a mob to try and prove that Charming is an unfit sheriff. Red is completely overwhelmed with guilt, so she sets off towards the mob in her wolf-self in hopes of turning herself in. But in a not-so-surprising change of events, Charming discovers that not only did George kill Billy, he also was hiding Red’s hood. Charming returned the hood to his furry friend and all is a-okay.


Daddy Issues: Grumpy is still hell-bent on finding Charming a healthy heaping of fairy-dust. So after many heavy swings and a refusal to go to Granny’s happy hour (she’s having a 2 for 1 special on mead you guys!), he finally strikes gold — well, actually, diamonds! All they need to do is grind up the magical sparklers and then Charming will finally have the fairy dust he needs to open to portal to save his family. The Blue Fairy warns Charming that he needs to lock up Jefferson’s hat and keep it safe, so of course we now know that something bad is going to happen to the tattered top hat.

While celebrating at Granny’s, Charming gets an unpleasant visit from George — let’s just say the disgruntled former king is not too pleased to see Charming with the sheriff’s badge. “You’re still just a Shepard pretending to be a prince. You weren’t fit to run the kingdom and you sure as hell aren’t fit to run this town.” Ouch! The insults and threats keep coming and George ends with this gem: “By the time I’m done with you, you’ll wish you had killed me when you had the chance.” Basically, he’s just super pissed. Fast-forward to the next night, after the whole wolf mob attack thing, George is standing over a bonfire when Charming and Red arrive on the scene. George has one last trick up his sleeve to ruin his fake son’s life and he throws Jefferson’s hat into the flames. The old man sneers, “I told you, you should’ve killed me when you had the chance.”

Nightmares v. Reality: Last week we learned that Henry and Aurora share the same terrifying flame-filled dream, and this week, we got a glimpse of their hot hallucinations. But here’s the tricky part: Henry wakes up from his dream not only petrified but also badly burned on his hand. Regina takes Henry to see Rumple so that they could get some answers about these dreams. Rumple muses, “It’s remarkable that you cast a curse that you know so little about.” It turns out the dreams are a side effect from being placed under a sleeping curse. “When people fall under a sleeping curse, the soul travels to a netherworld where it presides until awoken. This world is between life and death and it’s very real.” Rumple explains that sometimes when they sleep, they find their way back to that world. Although he cannot stop Henry from going back to that purgatory, he does give him an amulet to wear that will let him control what happens when he’s there. “Once one controls something, one would no longer need fear it.”

Over in Fairytale Land, Aurora awakes screaming from another nightmare, but just as Snow was about to calm her down, the princess started to explain that this one way different. “There was a little boy he put out the fire he talked to me.” She whispers, “He said his name was Henry.” Looks like we’ve found ourselves a new portal y’all!

What did you think of Red’s transformation in this episode? Think the Charming family will be able to use these dreams like magical walkie-talkies? Did anyone else think that Anita was like a cult leader on crack? Cast your spell in the comments below!

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