‘Once Upon a Time’ Recap: A Giant Guest Star Returns

Jorge Garcia Once Upon a Time

This week’s of Once Upon a Time was definitely a giant adventure. From beanstalks to pirate ships, from airports to hospitals, our favorite fairy tale characters were all over the place. Catch up on all the mesmerizing details from “Tiny” in one enchanting recap!

Fairytale Land Flashbacks: At the tippy-top of a beanstalk, we met a band of brothers who also just happened to be giants. Lost’s Jorge Garcia was back, reprising his role as Anton, or “Tiny,” as his brothers liked to call him when teasing. Anton was the smallest giant of the bunch and his fascination with the human world and all of their treasures was greatly shunned by all of his brothers.

One brother asked Tiny, “Have you forgotten what the humans did? Why we no longer trade beans with them? They weren’t content merely traveling between the realms. They had to conquer and pillage.” But Anton firmly believed that just because a few humans were bad didn’t mean the entire race was evil. To prove his brothers wrong, Tiny traveled down the beanstalk and ended up in the Enchanted Forest B.C.S. (Before Charming and Snow).

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Over in a royal bedroom, we saw Charming making out with a random brunette who was definitely not Snow White. It only took 2.5 seconds to realize that this look-a-like was James, Charming’s twin brother who was raised to be ruthless and deceitful instead of compassionate and kind. The King interrupted his son’s bedroom sesh (awk) with news that a giant was in town and told him that they must find him.

James and his lady found Anton wistfully looking into the window of a pub, but obviously his size prohibited him from being able to enter. James approached Anton with a deceitfully sweet smile and offers him to show him around the kingdom. The girl offered him a bit of a magical mushroom that would temporarily shrink his size. (It was a very Alice in Wonderland moment.) Tiny was extremely grateful to his new friends, and he asked the maiden for her name. She replied with a sly smile, “Jacquelyn, but everyone calls me Jack.” In the pub Jack explained that their kingdom was in great danger and they owed a lot of money to a nearby village. If they did’t pay, their land would be pillaged and burned to the ground. Eager to help out his new friends, Anton traveled back up the beanstalk to gather up treasure and donate it to the kingdom.

However, James and Jack followed Anton up the beanstalk, accompanied by a large army with poisoned swords to attack the giants and steal all of their magic beans. Anton destroyed the crops, but when he returned from his task he saw that all of his brothers were now dead. Just before the last surviving brother took his final breath, he handed Anton a magic bean steam and said that when he finds new land, he should grow more. James abandoned a fatally wounded Jack, and escaped from the beanstalk with a large bag of treasure on his back and a smile on his face.

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First Time Flyer: Rumple returned to collect Emma for their trip and was surprised to see that Henry had packed a suitcase too. Emma explained that with Cora running around, she was not going to leave her son in Storybrooke. If she went, he went. Tension hovered in the air as the three approached the town line on their way to the airport. Rumple’s magic shawl was wrapped tightly around his neck as car passed over the line. He did indeed still have his memory, saying, “My name is Rumplestilskin and we’re going to find my son.”

Over in the airport, Henry was bouncing off the walls, asking a million questions, and was excited to get a Cinnabon from the food court. (Note to Emma: Do not give that kid any more sugar. Sheesh!) As the gang prepared to go through airport security, the guard told Rumple to place his cane and shawl in the bin and step forward. Rumple looked truly terrified, exclaiming, “If I let this go, I could forget who I am.” But Emma promised she would’t let that happen.

Rumples took off his scarf and was immediately in a daze, stumbling through the metal detector with shallow breath and unfocused eyes. Emma quickly placed the shawl back on his shoulders, and a shaken but memory-intact Rumple followed her to the gate. He nervously paced back and forth before excusing himself to go to the bathroom. Once locked in the stall, Rumple began punching the sanitary seat dispenser as hard and as fast as he could.

His knuckles were bloody and bruised, but when Rumple tried to use magic to heal them, he found that it wouldn’t work. Rumple ended up on the plane with a bandaged hand looking terrified as the flight attendant announced that they would be landing in New York City in less than an hour.

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A Stranger in Storybooke: Snow and Charming began their quest to find Cora, and the first person they looked to question was, of course, Hook. Reluctantly the pirate led them aboard his ship and even though Cora was not there, they did find something very important that she brought on her trip: a pint-sized giant. Cora used her magic to shrink Anton, locked him away in a cage, and brought him on their journey to Storybrooke.

Snow freed Anton and said that they were not here to harm him, but the very second the not-so-giant giant saw Charming, he instantly attacked him, mistaking him for his brother. When he realized that he was outnumbered, Anton fleed the boat and wandered off into the forest. Regina learned of Anton’s disdain for the prince and took his opportunity to present Anton with yet another mushroom, but this one would temporarily makes him huge.

As Anton ravaged through town, Charming and Snow attempted to reason with the giant, explaining that it was actually James who betrayed him. But Anton did not care, claiming that all humans were evil and jumped through the air in hopes of crushing our beloved prince. However, all Anton crushed was a huge hole in the ground before the mushroom wore off.

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Charming and the rest of the town worked to save Anton from the hole and proved that the people of Storybrooke were kind and trustworthy. Anton rewarded them by saying that he would plant his beans in this new land so that they may have the option to travel back home.

Meanwhile, Belle was in the mental hospital — in a yellow gown of course — and it was clear she still had no idea who she was. Ruby sat down beside her friend to bring her “some comforts from home,” which was basically a basket filled with books. Belle demanded that her friend tell her the truth and asked Ruby why there was a man with a ball of fire in his hands on the night of her accident.

Belle got hysterical, claiming she knew what she saw, and the nurse came over to give her a shot of sedatives and take her to her room. Later that night, Craig — the man who drove through town and caused the accident — entered her room. He said he overheard her talking and he also saw a man wielding a ball of fire that night.

What did you think of the adventures in tonight’s Once Upon a Time? Cast your spell in the comments below!

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