‘Once Upon a Time’ Recap: A Fresh Start and A Blackened Heart

Once Upon a Time

The week’s episode of Once Upon a Time took is back to 1983. Why that year you ask? Well 1983 is the year that Storybrooke magically appeared in Maine! Fans were able to witness what life was like in that first week in their new magic-free town, and how Regina realized that she wanted to become a mother. Meanwhile in present-day Stroybrooke, Snow is dealing with the dark repercussions from her first kill and Regina is determined to enact her revenge. Read on for all the magical details you may have missed in “Welcome to Storybrooke.”

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Déjà vu Dearie: The year is 1983 and the episode opens on a never-before-seen father (Kurt) and son (Owen) camping in the woods, making lanyard keychains, and referencing Star Wars. All of the sudden a cloud of the eerily familiar purple smoke rolls into the forest bringing thunder, lightening, and a deep darkness. The next morning, after surviving the magical storm, the father and son stumble upon Storybrooke, Kurt exclaims, “This is impossible, we drove through here yesterday. There was nothing her It’s like someone dropped a town right on top of us.”

Meanwhile, Regina wakes in her bed and quickly realizes that the curse the cast worked perfectly. “I did it,” she whispers. “I won!” Regina delights in the act that no one knows their true identities and as mayor she rules life in their small town. Regina enters a classroom and we see the exact same birdhouse scene from the pilot that introduced us to Snow White. “If you love them and they love you, they will always find you,” Snow chirps to her students.

Regina asks Snow how long she has been teaching in Storybrooke and Snow answers with a puzzled look, “I’m not sure. As long as I can remember.” Regina happily takes Snow to the hospital where Charming is back in his coma state and she asks Snow another question, “Tell me, do you know this man?” To which Snow replies with a simple no. Regina is delighted that no one else has their happy endings — especially Snow and Charming.

Over in Granny’s diner, Regina was mid-flirt with Sherrif Graham when all of the sudden the father and son interrupted her breakfast time bliss. Regina is cold to her new guests in Stroybrooke and harshly tells Graham, “I don’t like surprises Sherriff, I find them threatening, And do you know what happens when I feel threatened? Bad things.” The newcomers are only staying in town while their truck gets fixed and Regina made sure to tell the mechanic to get the parts fixed as soon as possible.

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However, after a few days of living in Storybrooke, it’s clear that Regina is bored with the daily dose of déjà vu — and the only people who are making her days different and unpredictable are the strangers that have stumbled into her town. After Owen offered Regina his friendship lanyard, she invited the two over to her place for dinner for lasagna, apple turnovers, and a lot of obsessive bonding.

Regina quickly realizes that she wants to be a mother, and suggests that Kurt and Owen move to Stroybrooke so she can automatically have a family. Unfortunately Kurt deflects Regina’s offer and the next day they are set to leave town. Regina’s crazy flip switches and she grabs Graham’s heart and gives his specific instructions to stop the father and son from leaving town. Kurt was standing behind Regina, witnessed the whole crazy conversation and then grabbed Owen and took off in their truck.

Regina and Graham hopped in the sheriff’s car and suddenly Storybrooke has it’s very first high-speed chase. Graham, cut off the truck and quickly wrestled Kurt into handcuffs, while Owen ran towards the Storybrooke border. Regina begs Owen to stay with her and says they could be happy together, but the little boy listened to his father and run away to go get help. Owen returns to the Storybrooke with two policemen and is baffled to see that the town magical disappeared. His Dad is trapped in a town that he cannot find and Owen made a promise to himself to come back and find him.

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A Dark Heart: Snow is a deep depression following her actions leading to Cora’s death and Regina is determined to get her revenge. Regina tells Rumple, “You may be able to hide behind your dagger but she can’t. She is going to die for what she did.” Rumple tells Regina that like Cora, she will never be able to have it all. “You can’t have everything. She wanted power, ripped out her own heart to get it. You want vengeance? Henry’s the price you’ll have to pay.”

Regina finds an important curse in her mother’s belongings and Rumple quickly figures out that she is getting ready to cast the Curse of the Empty Hearted. He tells Emma and Charming, “In theory it has the power to make someone love you… This particular spell can make someone think that they love you, and if you’re as desperate for love as Regina appears to be, you might just believe it.” Regina is planning on using the curse on Henry to delude herself into thinking that he will still love her even after she kills Snow.

However, Henry comes up with a different plan: he wants to get rid of the magic in Storybrooke. So he does what any obnoxious 11-year-old would do, he grabs a stick of dynamite and attempts to throw it in the town well. Regina finds Henry tells him that even though she can’t get rid of magic, there is something she can do to make him happy. With Henry, Rumple, Charming and Emma, watching she burns the spell she was going to use to kill Snow.

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Regina receives a visitor at her home and opens the door to see that Snow is there, with tears in her eyes begging for Regina to kill her. Regina rips out Snow’s heart and sees a strange dark blemish in the middle of it. She smiles and tells Snow that her actions have caused her heart to turn impure, “You darkened yourself. Once you blacken your heart it only grows darker and darker trust me I know.”

Snow begs for Regina to crush her heart and put her out of her misery. Regina just smiles saying, “I don’t need to destroy you you’re doing it to yourself and along the way you’ll bring doen that perfect little family you fught so hard to reunite. And then henry will be mine… You see, I can have everything, thanks to you.” This whole time we see that the stranger in Stroybrooke was filming Snow and Regina’s heart-ripping interaction and we quickly learn that this is actually grow-up Owen and he’s determined to still find his father.

What did you think of “Welcome to Storybrooke”? How dark do you think Snow will go? Cast your spell in the comments below!

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