‘Once Upon a Time’ Teases Mulan and Sleeping Beauty for a Millisecond — TRAILER


Lana Parilla Once Upon a Time

Winter is comi— oh wait, that’s Game of Thrones. The Winterfell-esque theme music from the latest trailer for Season 2 of Once Upon a Time threw us for a loop for a second there. Actually, magic is coming. 

The 45-second preview shows a gale force wind of magic descending upon Storybrooke, courtesy of one Lana Parilla and her perfectly-honed bitchface. But we knew that going into Season 2. The barrier between the fairy tale world and the real world can only hold for so long. 
The real dish from the trailer comes from the millisecond glances we get of two new characters: Sleeping Beauty (Sarah Bolger) and Mulan (Jamie Chung). We’ve grabbed the gone-in-a-flash looks at the two new ladies, and sadly that’s all we’re going to get for now: the trailer is, as you might expect, shrouded in teases and mystery. 
Bolger’s Princess Aurora is just what you might expect: both beautiful and, well, a little bit of a snooze. Surprisingly, she bears little resemblance to the Disney incarnation of the character. #synergyfail
Chung’s Mulan, however, is ready to get down to business (to defeat the Huns). And she not only resembles Disney’s Mulan, b**ch practically stole her whole wardrobe (which, to be fair, consists of a Chinese soldier’s uniform).


Look, here they are together, for those you who are fans of compare and contrast opportunities. 

And finally, here they are in motion, if you can actually catch the flashes before they disappear: 

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[Photo Credit: ABC (4)]