One-on-One: ‘Suburgatory’ Star Jeremy Sisto Talks ‘Sex and the Suburbs’

suburgatoryThe last thing a father wants to deal with is the thought of his daughter having sex, especially if it involves XXL condoms. Are you lost? We’ll get you up to speed. On tonight’s episode of Suburgatory, George (Jeremy Sisto) will do everything in his power to keep his daughter, Tessa, pure as the driven snow. But Tessa’s new beau, Scott Strause, is an adolescent young man and they only have one thing on their minds. We caught up with Sisto to discuss tonight’s show “Sex and the Suburbs” and a few other projects he has in the works.

First off, tell us about “Sex and the Suburbs.”

You can expect some wacky sex, some awkward sexual encounters and also if you haven’t tuned into the show yet, this is a great show to start because it cuts right to the core of what the show is about. The premise of a father trying to resist the idea that his child is about to be an adult and the desperate attempts the father makes to delay that. My character is in a real state of panic at this point in the story…There is also like I said wacky sexual encounters, which is always fun to watch.

There was something in this episode about a box of XL condoms?

The last episode I found this box of sexual aids and one of the things in there was XL condoms, so basically he [George] has the same problem he started off with but it’s just gotten bigger [laughs].

Was it necessary to have them XL?

Exactly! That’s a comment on the suburbs, I guess. It’s like the worst thing, as a father, you want to see. Way too much information for a father to be having, it just drives George crazy. He has a huge weak spot when it comes to this…he starts doing things he isn’t proud of…The core of that relationship – father and daughter – between George and Tessa is a big part of this episode.

You mentioned he does thing he is not proud of, what can we expect?

There is some really funny sexual stuff and it comes form a place at first he is desperately trying to keep Tessa young and he fails miserably at that. Then his friend brings into question his own masculinity and says he has lost himself and he’s not really a man anymore…So, he kind of acts out in a desire to prove he hasn’t lost his manhood. All in all, it’s one of those days you have, where you are running to prove something to someone and everything is going wrong, and you don’t feel like any action you make is the smart one…That’s what happens to George when his daughter having sex with someone comes up, he just loses himself…When I read who I have my sexual encounter with, I was very surprised.

You have a movie coming out As Cool as I Am with Claire Danes, can you tell us more about that?

It’s about a woman who had a baby at a very young age and now her daughter is a teen, and she is in her 30s, and she is trying to relive some kind of youth. She is trying to become independent from the husband who has been keeping her on the fringes of his life for some time. It’s kind of a character study movie that they don’t make a lot of anymore.

You also have Robot and Frank with Frank Langella and Liv Tyler coming out?

That was at Sundance and got picked up by Sony I think. That’s kind of a weird movie with this kind of friendship story between this robot and this curmudgeonly old ex criminal…That film is really unique.

For more information on Suburgatory, visit ABC, and follow Mike Rothman on Twitter at @TheRealRothman. “Sex and the Suburbs” airs 8:30 p.m. EST tonight on ABC.