Oprah and Other Stars to (Temporarily) Replace Robin Roberts on ‘Good Morning America’

Oprah Winfrey Robin RobertsToday was Robin Roberts‘ last day on Good Morning America, currently the highest-rated morning show on television, before taking a leave of absence to get a bone marrow transplant from her sister to treat Myelodysplastic Syndrome, a rare blood disorder. Those are some mighty big shoes to fill, so who can the show get to step in? Well, people with some very big shoes themselves.

GMA co-host Lara Spencer announced today that Oprah Winfrey, still the reigning queen of daytime even though her show has been off the air for a year, is among the list of prominent celebrities that will take over co-hosting duties while Roberts recovers. There are the obvious choices like Kelly Ripa, Katie Couric, and Barbara Walters, all familiar to hosting a morning show. Then there are the surprising choices like Chris Rock (it will be hilarious trying to watch him tone it down for a national audience before 9 AM), Rob Lowe (nice and charming and a little bit boring), and the cast of Modern Family (aside from the fact that Julie Bowen looks just like she stepped off anchoring duties on the Today show, these people don’t seem remotely qualified).

It’s sad that Robin had to go so that we could get such a great slate of substitute teachers, but I’ll take Oprah any way we can get her. I mean, it’s not like anyone is watching her on cable.

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