Oprah and The Kardashians Talk Marriage, Fame — VIDEO

ALTRound two of Oprah‘s interview with Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kris, Kylie, Kendall, Bruce, Lamar Odom and Scott Disick aired last night on OWN. The family broke it down about marriage, fame, and life when “it all ends” somewhere in the future.

The second half of Oprah’s sit down with the family broke them down by couplings–Kris and Bruce, Kourtney and Scott, Khloe and Lamar. Of course it wouldn’t be an evening of dissecting the Kardashian orbit without further chatter about Kim, her lovelife, and people’s seemingly never-ending obsession with her every move.

Oprah mostly wanted to know about fame and how the couples handle it, regret it, enjoy it, and think about life after it.

First up was Kim, and a discussion about her relationship with Kanye West. Kim’s “heart smiles” according to Oprah, when she talks about Mr. West. She feels like she’s “in a really good place” in their relationship and that they’re very similar people. According to Kim they’ve “always had an attraction to one another,” but timing was never right. And one day, “it just happened” and “it took her by surprise.” She doesn’t want to talk about it too much because she’s been so public about her relationships in the past, and thinks that can affect things.

But will they get married? Kim’s answer was an attempt at being coy and vague that failed miserably–just see for yourself: “I definitely feel like… I mean I have to first get divorced. To have him in my life, this way, I think says a lot about us.” So keep your eyes peeled for their engagement announcement approximately 37 seconds after Kim’s divorce is finalized.

Does Kim worry about her fame disappearing at all, ever? Well, she explains that “if you’d asked me a year ago” if she would be scared about the fame going away, outwardly, she would’ve said no, but would’ve been thinking yes. Today is apparently a different story, as she believes that she would be OK if all the fame left right now. She said now it’s all about doing things for other people rather than herself. In her reasoning, that’s why she does things like put out a perfume and make-up line because she wants to prove to her fans how serious she is about things, and what she likes. Because it’s no longer about her, it’s about her fans. It’s…a bit of a stretch, but, um, OK? Oprah appreciates Kim’s candor and willingness to “[go] there.”

Back at normalcy ranch, there is Khloe and Lamar: in this interview you see they’re probably the most well-adjusted folks in the group. Their relationship has undergone its own set of public scrutinies, but Khloe says it doesn’t feel pressure from the public, she feels pressure internally to be a good wife. The loved-up duo, who have struggled to have babies are”always trying” to get pregnant and both Khloe and Lamar “want babies,” ideally in the next year or two.

Khloe and Lamar’s own show was recently put on hiatus, but they insist that it wasn’t due to any sort of internal struggle.

“This past year … I didn’t perform as well as i wanted … I have to reprove myself” explained Lamar. He went on to insist that the cameras did not affect his performance, but Khloe “wouldn’t think twice” about giving up the show if necessary. But for now? They’re “having fun in the moment” and to them, the fame doesn’t matter.

Next up, Oprah got down and dirty with Kourtney and her regularly reviled boyfriend Scott. Oprah didn’t wait even a second to go after Scott and his frequently dickish (Gee, his last name sounds a lot like that word! Interesting!) behavior. She said “The person who’s the black sheep is usually the person who is the most sensitive” and Scott agreed completely: “that couldn’t be more true.” Scott goes on to say he found it hard to deal with coming into a big and boisterous family–especially coming from a small one. He explained that he’s very insecure and most of his outbursts can be explained by that.

His most disappointing moments are any time he makes Kourtney cry, and he’s “not claiming [he’s] not an a**hole” but rather that he “has a lot of a**hole tendencies” and that people aren’t “totally wrong” about their opinions of him, but that having Mason changed everything. He admits that “the first 6 or 7 months” of Mason’s life were especially difficult, because he was finding it hard to bond with his son, and “wasn’t as close to [Mason] as [he] wanted” to be. After getting there, though, Scott believes that having a son has made him less-selfish.

Oprah asks the question everyone seems to ask: why do you stay with him, Kourtney? (Seriously, this guy can be such a …disick.) Well, “I don’t know” she explained. Kourtney loves him a lot, and “wanted to see what he would be like after having a child.” Plus she couldn’t imagine raising a child by herself. The two — who are expecting their daughter any second now — have had a name picked out since Mason was born, but won’t announce it until they meet the little girl, to see if it’s a good fit or not.

Did you watch the conclusion of Oprah’s two-parter? Are you more or less interested in the Kardashians and their fame after this? Let us know in the comments below!

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