Oops!: Local News Station Hangs Up on Oprah


Few things are as precious as getting the chance to talk to Oprah. It should really be on everybody’s bucket list. It’s like meeting Jesus if Jesus was a billionaire talk-show personality. When her royal highness of all televised media descends on your tiny hovel of a local news station and graces her with her presence, you sit, listen, and sell her as many handbags as you can.

When Chicago’s WGN Morning News team got the chance to dish with Oprah about her OWN network, by human error or some unfair twist of fate, the phone call cuts off, interrupting Oprah mid-sentence. The gob smacked anchors are left with nothing but dial tone and failure hanging in the air. What follows is a flurry of blaming and self-pity. One anchor even jokingly laments “How do we cut off the one guest we’ve had that people might be interested in watching?” The whole thing is just hilarious. Luckily, Oprah is a great sport about it, calling the station back a few minutes later and joking with them about the mishap. The news crew also takes the mistake in stride, even taking a few playful jabs at Oprah herself. All in all, everything turns out well, and the video of the incident is sure to give the station more attention than an error-free interview would ever recieve.

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