Oprah Surprises Jon Stewart Audience With Rally Tickets: Late Last Night

Unfortunately for Jon Stewart’s audience last night, they didn’t get push-to-start cars or bilingual babies that double as life rafts when Oprah dropped by The Daily Show. Actually, she just appeared on Jon’s jumbotron (similar to the ones we all have in our apartments just in case she decides to drop by and tell us we’re dicing our tomatoes inefficiently) to show her support for the rallies. Instead she gave tickets to the rallies to his studio audience, which I’m not sure entirely makes sense.

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Jay Leno talked to comedian Wanda Sykes about the miners, the weather, the economy, and how fascinating it was that a mistress won the right to be there to greet her miner upon his emergence from the hole. Sounds like an Antonio Banderas movie, right?

Then Jay talked to Rick Fox, who’s currently on Dancing With The Stars. He talked about why he decided to join the show, and it wasn’t because he knew the samba would require him to rip his shirt open…or so he said.

Pee-Wee Herman spent a few days running around New York City a few days ago, and he shared some of the pictures he took with the fans that greeted him with Jimmy Fallon. I forgot how mobile his suit gets when it’s on television!

And fellow Jackass Steve-O was what he called a “bookshelf wrecking ball.” It was kind of like Pee-Wee Herman just took off his suit and put on his pajamas.

And David Letterman was given a lesson in sexting by Diddy. But who is Diddy kidding? Little Lette doesn’t need any lessons. Diddy’s better off being the pupil.