OITNB Fans Frenzy Over Newbie Stella: Read Season 3’s Tweetcap

Orange Is The New Black, Ruby Rose

As fans of Orange Is The New Black patiently wait what usually feels like an eternity for a new season of the series to hit Netflix, they typically flock to social media to interact with the stellar cast or with fellow fans to talk about what’s to come for their favorite characters. It’s only natural that when a new season finally premieres, fans enter a tweeting frenzy. Here are some of our favorite tweets about season 3:

The feminist zingers were praised, as they should be:

Pennsatucky’s unlikely friendship with Big Boo became shipped by everyone:  

Pennsatucky, in general, is somehow completely amazing. So much for the violent, toothless, homophobic racist we met in season one:

 But Alex and Piper were a bit more controversial:  

 We were all distracted by the important things, like this really hot troublemaker:  

Most of us were ignoring one of our biggest fears for season four:

 People were loving the library staff’s reaction to bed bugs:  

And book lovers all over the world had a moment of true bonding with the crazy lady who never left her toilet stall in season one:

Fans also had another moment of unexpected bonding with Crazy Eyes, the unlikely literary success of Litchfield:  

But, mostly people were just freaking out over newbie Stella (Ruby Rose) and how incredibly gorgeous she is (and how great she looks naked):



 And people realized they’d seen Lolly before:

 Important skills for everyday life were learned (thanks, Piper):  

Whether fans were crazy for Stella or crying for Sophia, one thing remained the same. They all talked about how the show is so good (and its all-at-once format so evil) that it can destroy lives:


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