‘Orphan Black’ Gets a Season 2: We Told You It Was Great

Credit: BBC America

Remember when we were obsessing over actress Tatiana Maslany and her work on BBC America’s new show, Orhpan Black? Well, it’s good (we weren’t clone-ing around! …and yes, we did just make that joke in earnest), really good! So much so that the original scripted series (BBC America’s second ever as a network after Copper) has been renewed for a second season. We told you it was worth your time — believe us now?

The series Orphan Black focuses on the story of Sarah Manning (Maslany), an orphan whose life becomes entrenched in a crazy clone mystery after witnessing the suicide of a woman named Beth (Maslany) who looks exactly like her. As the story unfolds, so come the varied and sometimes crazy clones — all played by Maslany, as you may have guessed — and suddenly a simple identity/boyfriend/bank account theft becomes a hell of a lot more complicated.

Maslany and co. will return with another 10-episode season in 2014, continuing in their post-Doctor Who slot during Supernatural Saturdays on BBC America. You can catch the remainder of Season 1 on BBC America, Saturdays at 9 PM.

Do you watch Orphan Black? Excited about the second season order? Let us know in the comments!

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