Our Favorite ‘Gossip Girl’ Celebrity Guest Stars

With the news that Elizabeth Hurley, a.k.a. eternal mega babe, will be joining Gossip Girl for a multi-episode story arc, we’re just a little excited. This is just the kind of jumpstart the Manhattan socialites of the CW soap need. But it’s not a new concept; we’ve watched other stars breathe a bit of new life into the show time and time again, and those times were good. To welcome Ms. Hurley to the GG family, here are a few of our other favorite Gossip Girl guests.

Hilary Duff Orgasm Gossip GirlHilary Duff

Gossip Girl alter ego: Olivia Burke the famous actress, NYU student, Dan’s one-time girlfriend and threesome instigator.

Alright, this little stunt probably wasn’t that great for her career, because while Duff played an amplified version of herself on the soap, she also attached two memorable (not to mention controversial) Gossip Girl moments to her resume. I don’t know about you, but I know think of her as the girl that introduced Dan and Vanessa to threesomes and the girl who fakes a vampire orgasm is some two-bit Twilight ripoff that her character is famous for.

Tyra Banks Gossip GirlTyra Banks

Gossip Girl alter ego: Ursula Nyquist, crazy person and costar to Olivia Burke.

Tyra is hands down my favorite guest star on Gossip Girl, ever. Why? Because she’s simultaneously completely nuts and a total cheeseball. Her character flips between mental breakdown and unstoppable elation at every turn, plus her delivery hasn’t changed since she made that 90s movie where she plays a Barbie come to life. Who better to play opposite Hilary Duff’s terrible French accent in the preposterous movie at the center of Tyra’s guest spot?

Wallace Shawn Gossip GirlWallace Shawn

Gossip Girl alter ego: Cyrus Rose, the best stepdad Blair Waldorf could ever hope for.

I’m still not sure Shawn decided to take on a character on GG, but I’m glad he did. In this role that rears its head whenever Blair most needs him, Shawn is a refreshing, adorable father figure who may be shorter than every single person on set, but makes up for it by being the most genuine person on the show.

Georgina Sparks Gossip GirlMichelle Trachtenberg

Gossip Girl alter ego: Georgina Sparks a.k.a. TROUBLE.

The ultimate celeb guest star — though she never seems to really go away — is a girl many of us knew as Buffy’s little sister. Michelle Trachtenberg has always been great at stirring the pot, and no one is a better pot stirrer than her GG alter ego Georgina Sparks. Whether she’s exposing Serena’s unsavory past and stealing her boyfriend or coming back from Christian camp with a sudden new, albeit terrifying, lease on life, Georgina’s a welcome pain on the CW series.

Gaga Gossip GirlLady Gaga

Gossip Girl alter ego: Lady Gaga, because if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Alright, so she really didn’t participate much in her guest spot. Everyone else plays a character, everyone else contributes to the story, blah blah blah. Gaga, as an NYU alum, gives a killer private performance and help Blair win over the artsy NYU brats — I’d say that’s pretty darn significant. Plus, look at this incredible performance. (It’s cheesy, but your argument is still invalid.)