Our Favorite Kisses on ‘Doctor Who’: Ranked Worst to Best

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I have to say, I was expecting a Smith/Coleman kiss this episode … something along the lines of the Ninth Doctor/Rose pre-regeneration smooch? We got a lot of face-caressing and hugs, but no dice on the kiss. Ah well. But in that spirit, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite Doctor Who kisses:

10. 11th Doctor/Amy

Okay, so this one was awkwardness embodied, and it was more than a little cringe-worthy. But you’ve gotta admire Amy and her chutzpah, right?  It’s even better when you watch the Doctor Who Confidential for the episode and realize that Karen Gillan “subconsciously” touched Matt Smith’s inner thigh during filming.

9. 11th Doctor/River Song

Well, these two have kissed multiple times, but my personal favorite was that flail-inducing first kiss of theirs (or for Eleven, anyway) back in “A Good Man Goes to War.”

8. Captain Jack Harkness/Rose

Pretty sure that Captain Jack has excellent chemistry with everyone

7. 9th Doctor/Captain Jack Harkness

Ditto! Captain Jack’s got game. Dang, what will get Stephan Moffat to bring John Barrowman back?

 6. 10th Doctor/Donna

The mutual dislike of both parities for this kiss made it one of the best on the show.  And hey, it saved the Doctor from being poisoned!

5. 11th Doctor/Victorian!Clara

Alas, the only Eleven/Clara kiss we’ll ever get. But still – Matt Smith’s flailing is pretty hard to beat (and of course, Jenna Louise Coleman is utterly delightful).

4. 10th Doctor/Cassandra!Rose

David Tennant’s post-kiss bliss-stunned discomposure was deliciously funny – as was his little quip (“Yep, still got it”). And that’s not even mentioning the fabulousness of Cassandra!Rose’s lasciviousiosity!

3. 11th Doctor/Rory

This one certainly wins in terms of shock value. This kiss was improvised, much to an unsuspecting Arthur Darvill’s chagrin.

2. 9th Doctor/Rose

Nine is way underrated, in my opinion, and to me this remains one of the most romantic kisses in New Who history.

1. The “Journey’s End” Kiss

Nothing short of iconic (it doesn’t hurt that David Tennant and Billie Piper’s collective chemistry is off the charts).

What are your favorite Doctor Who kisses? Did you have a soft spot for the problematic Queen Elizabeth I? Madame du Pompadour? Rory and Amy? Let us know in the comments!