Our ‘Glee’ Senior Class Superlatives Predict the Future

ALTGlee‘s Season 3 finale aired May 22 and delivered Rachel Berry getting on a train to New York just days after graduation, which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Who knows where she’ll end up? (Probably back in Lima in a week with nothing to do until September when she goes to New York for real.) And we don’t know what’s going to happen to the rest of the class either. We decided to write some Senior Superlatives, yearbook style, for the crew that might point us in the right direction for where they’ll end up during Season 4.

Class Heartthrob: Blaine Anderson

Most Ambitious: Rachel Berry

Stupidest Decision (male): Pvt. Finn Hudson

Stupidest Decision (female): Santana Lopez

Most Improved Over Her OCD So She Can Now Hug Every Student at Graduation: Emma Pillsbury

Best Future Principal: Roz Washington

Six Year Senior Award: Britanny S. Peirce

Most Underappreciated: Mercedes Jones

The Sue Sylvester Award for Character Inconsistency: Sue Sylvester

Downright Creepiest: Will Schuester

Most Likely to Meet an Untimely End: Quinn Fabray

Most Likely to Be Written Off the Show and Given a One-sentence Explanation Why in the Season Premiere: Sugar Motta

Most Likely to Get Held Down by Mitt Romney and Given a Haircut Against His Will: That Jesusy one

Most Likely to Be Deported: That Irish one

Most Likely to Never Be Heard From Again: Mike Chang’s abs

Future Substitute Teacher Who Will Let You Slack Off: Noah “Puck” Puckermann

Worst Dressed: Kurt Hummell

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