‘Outlaw’ Canceled By NBC

ALT TEXTNot even Jimmy Smits was enough to keep this one afloat.

NBC just moved the courtroom drama Outlaw from Friday to Saturday night — a.k.a. cancellation.

Right now, the remaining four episodes will still air, but TV Squad reports that after those show, the rest is kaput. Sad news for a drama that just premiered on September 15. The most recent episode only garnered 4.1 million viewers. This marks the first cancellation this fall by NBC and third overall on television. Earlier, Fox and ABC cut Lonestar and My Generation.

The cancellation news isn’t too surprising, considering there were about about a gazillion new shows on this fall (actual number: 17). With that many new story lines premiering, it’s no shocker that a few are falling by the wayside. Last week, we created a death watch for those shows we assumed (or hoped) would get dropped. But surprisingly, Outlaw wasn’t on our list. Maybe it was so obviously gone that it wasn’t even worth the words. Or maybe, NBC just continued its habit of screwing up and prematurely canceling shows. Oh, wait. No, nevermind. That’s Fox. Zing!

Source: TV Squad