Owen Wilson, Jack Black and Steve Martin Play Musical Chairs: Late Last Night

Last night, The Tonight Show welcomed Owen Wilson, Jack Black and Steve Martin, talking about their new movie The Big Year. Jack Black discussed meeting President Obama, Wilson talked about scaring Woody Allen with his dog, and they all chimed in on how bird watching (or “birding”) and ultimate frisbee are the only things in the world that work on the honor system.

Hugh Jackman visited Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to talk about Real Steel, and to break out into a pretty much unprovoked musical number.

Again on The Tonight Show, Aubrey Plaza from Parks and Recreation stopped by to exhibit some of her wizardry: she brought a few “magical” devices she wanted to share with Jay and the Big Year guys, and had an interesting moment involving Jay’s water mug.

Finally, Jason Sudeikis joined Jon Stewart on The Daily Show to explain the chain of command at Saturday Night Live, to discuss his favorite bands to have come on the show, and to pontificate on what different celebritites might smell like.