Paget Brewster Announces She’s Leaving ‘Criminal Minds’

criminal mindsCould there be another funeral on the Criminal Minds horizon? Paget Brewster announced on her Twitter account today that she is permanently leaving the popular crime show at the season’s end to pursue other projects. She wrote, “Please know it was a hard choice. I love everyone at CM and the fans! I just couldn’t ignore my gut feeling. It’s time for something new.”

Last year, Brewster temporarily left Criminal Minds to shoot a pilot for NBC called My Life Is an Experiment; however, when it wasn’t picked up for a full series, she returned to the show. But it appears her heart just isn’t into delving into the minds of serial killers anymore and she’s ready for a change of pace. And who can blame her — that’s some pretty dark stuff those actors have to deal with every single day. Now it’s just a question of will the writers find a replacement to take on her character or will Emily Prentiss be permanently killed off of the show? Either way, Brewster herself will be truly missed.

Which scenario would you rather see unfold?

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