‘Pan Am’ Interviews: The Cast Entices Viewers With Talk of Romance, Love Triangles

Pan Am Christina Ricci Margot RobbieAnd now for part two of our Pan Am set visit. As we reported earlier, while Pan Am is flying a little low to the ground lately, it’s still bring the heat – and we mean that in a completely romantical sort of way. We sat down with Michael Mosely (Ted), Christina Ricci (Maggie), Margot Robbie (Laura), Mike Vogel (Dean) and Karine Vanasse (Colette) to find out just what’s about to go down (or should we say up?) in those friendly skies. It seems there is a little romance on the way for most of our happy stewardesses, though there will certainly be a bit of turbulence – but what’s drama without conflict, right?

The next episode of Pan Am, “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,” airs Sunday, Dec. 4 at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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