Panettiere Denies Trouble on ‘Heroes’ Set

Heroes actress Hayden Panettiere has dismissed reports that her recent split from co-star Milo Ventimiglia is causing tension on the set of their hit TV show.

The actors met when they both landed roles on Heroes, overcoming their 12-year age gap to embark on a romance.

The relationship ended last month, and Panettiere, 19, has been dogged by speculation about her onset antics — with many Internet gossips claiming she refused to work with Ventimiglia, 31.

But the teenager has denied the claims, insisting the former couple is still on friendly terms.

She tells OK! magazine, “Milo and I are very close. We have enjoyed and continue to enjoy working together.”

Series creator Tim Kring has also assured fans that neither Panettiere nor Ventimiglia will be leaving the show without his approval, adding, “The final decision about which characters live and die on Heroes rests with me.”

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