Parents’ Television Council Wants NBC to Drop ‘The Playboy Club’

Playboy Club NBCThe Playboy Club is in hot water again. First the Salt Lake City NBC affiliate refused to air the show and now The Parents’ Television Council — the same one that was after Skins earlier this year — is insisting NBC pull one of their most hyped shows for fall. Did anyone else notice that there wasn’t nearly this much hullabaloo over The Girls Next Door on E!? And those girls were actually naked all the time. And they all dated Hugh Hefner. That’s probably just a little worse.

The PTC argues that The Playboy Club glorifies the porn industry and that if NBC airs the show, they will urge folks to file complaints with the FCC. I guess we’ll have to wait and see just how offensive this show is until September. And just like that, I can hear young men everywhere putting the premiere date (September 19 at 10 p.m.) in their calendars just so they can be the sure to see just how depraved this 1960s romp actually is.

Source: TV Line