‘Parks and Rec’: Leslie Knope Meets John McCain — For Real! He’ll Be on the Show!

Parks & RecWhen we first jumped on the Knope bandwagon in 2009, Leslie was a wide-eyed bureaucrat who adorned her office with pictures of her idols: Hillary Clinton, Margaret Thatcher, Condoleeza Rice. But now, both Leslie and her show (despite being snubbed for an Emmy nod in the Best Comedy category) are big enough to actually warrant visits from people like this. 

The upcoming fifth season of Parks and Recreation, which will see Amy Poehler‘s Leslie taking charge as a Pawnee councilwoman and her boyfriend Ben Wyatt (Adam Scott) as a D.C.-based campaign manager, will introduce some real life politicians into the lives of our favorite Indianans. Among them, as reported by TVLine: California Senator Barbara Boxer, Maine Senator Olympia Snowe, and — here’s the kicker — former presidential candidate John McCain.

Granted, he’s no Joe Biden (a frequent mention as Leslie’s sexual fantasy), but both Leslie and Ben are sure to be wowed by the presence of a venerable government official like McCain. What’s even more likely is an upping of the ante of Ben’s infamous performance anxiety. If he can’t even handle a conversation with The Douche, then how can he manage a chat with John freakin’ McCain?!

Although not everyone in the Parks Department is shipping out to D.C., we can only hope that Ron Swanson will cross paths with members of the U.S. Senate, if only to express to them just how much detest he has for their jobs. And maybe a run-in with Jean Ralphio, who might have a few suggestions for how to flash up the Pentagon.

[Photo Credit: NBC]


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