‘Parks & Rec’: Final Two Episodes Supersized (Much Like the People of Pawnee)

Parks and RecThere is a lot of good news surrounding the remaining two episodes of this season of Parks and Recreation. No, we still don’t know if Leslie wins the election. Or if Tom and Ann finally break up (for real this time). Or if Chris finds happiness. Or if Ron eats a lot of meat. But all of these questions will be answered in two super-sized episodes, which will both feature recurring guest star, and Knope’s opponent, Paul Rudd.

Just like NBC’s Must See TV Thursday Era, the network is releasing extended cuts of the upcoming episodes, “Bus Tour” (Thursday, May 3 at 9:30 PM ET/PT) and “Win, Lose or Draw” (Thursday, May 10 at 9:30 PM ET/PT). The episodes will air as 30-minute episodes on television, but the longer versions will be available to watch on the NBC website and Hulu, as was the case with the previous episode, “The Debate” (written and directed excellently by star Amy Poehler).

Rudd is set to return to Parks for both episodes as the dim-witted and self-entitled Bobby Newport, sitting city councilman of Pawnee and Leslie Knope’s chief opponent in her race for office (not to mention heir to the Sweetums candy corporation). The season finale will reveal the victor of the political battle that has been the focus of the fourth season.

Which brings us back to the big questions. Will Leslie become Pawnee’s next city councilwoman? Will April step up and start herself on a legitimate career path? Will Ron eat a lot of eggs to go with his meat? We’ll find out soon enough… if Zorp doesn’t melt all of our faces before that.


[Image: © 2011- NBC- All Rights Reserved]