The ‘Jersey Shore’ Creator Presents Your New Guilty Pleasure: ‘Party Down South’

Party Down SouthCMT/Christopher Shane

Just because the folks of Jersey Shore are all off getting married and having kids, it doesn’t mean there aren’t people willing to take their place in our hearts. Sallyann Salsano, the producer who first introduced is to the wonders of a little meatball named Snooki many years ago, is not finished with her contribution to reality television just yet. CMT’s Party Down South is her new show, and this down home Jersey Shore meets Buckwild extravaganza is so horribly bad… it’s astonishing. 

See what we mean? You know there are at least 2,700 books you should be reading instead of watching this, but none of those books will introduce you to the guy who calls everyone in the house (the men and the women) “Daddy,” or the chick who takes shots in between prayers and bible thumping! 

And since it’s a reality show with young people, there’s plenty o’ hooking up and “power drinking,” which means the drama never stops and someone is likely to get arrested before the series is over. Will you learn anything terribly important from this show? Probably not. But all of those Southern drawls make for excellent background noise when you’re vaccuming or washing dishes, or doing anything else that might prevent you from really, really paying attention to the ridiculousness therein. Sure, you could put on some classical music instead, but then you’d miss out on this party down south! And these helpful STD prevention tips from Dr. Daddy:

Well. I guess you can learn something from this show. Sort of.