Patrick Dempsey Is Respectfully Scared of Michael Bay: Late Last Night

Patrick Dempsey stopped by David Letterman’s show last night to promote Transformers: Dark of the Moon and share some insight on his infamous director, Michael Bay. Of course, while Dempsey admitted he was scared to lock eyes with Bay, he insists he’s a wonderful man. I guess someone doesn’t want to be in another Michael Bay movie ever again.

Tom Hanks is amazing. Let’s hope he never decides he doesn’t want to be famous anymore. He stopped by The Daily Show to talk about his movie, Larry Crowne, Kevin Bacon’s delicious scent, and leading the crusade for oppressed middle aged white men everywhere. And do we spy a Bosom Buddies shout-out? (Yep.)

WeedsKevin Nealon stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote…well, Weeds. He’s very much an old-fashioned comic, but it works. It also apparently means he’s got some unconventional parenting methods.