Patrick Wilson to Play a Doctor on CBS

Patrick WilsonBecause we clearly don’t have enough shows about cops and doctors on television, CBS is now adding Patrick Wilson to their upcoming medical drama. In addition to adding the Broadway babe, the show includes a supernatural element. Spooky.

After fielding three television offers this pick-up season, Wilson elected to star as the competitive surgeon who ends up being visited by his dead wife’s ghost. This is of course life-changing and the basis of the show. Wilson’s had his fare share of big screen time in addition to all his experience on Broadway, but up until this he’s only ever dabbled in TV with HBO’s Angels in America (and as we all know, it’s not TV, it’s HBO so that doesn’t really count).

I’m a little medical showed out at this point, but I may just make an exception to see Wilson play doctor for a bit.

Source: Deadline