Patton Oswalt Is Adorable: Late Last Night

Patton Oswalt was on Craig Ferguson’s show last night and during his introduction Craig called him “adorable” and you know what? He’s absolutely right! Of course they go on to talk about drunk tweeting, which isn’t so adorable, but the manner in which Oswalt speaks of it? Absolutely adorable!

During Letterman, Melissa McCarthy tells about how her sister kept a “smile file” which was a list of notes and suggestions about her various smiles. I hate to say it, but that doesn’t sound like a sister. That sounds like a stalker. An adorable stalker though.

And then Norm MacDonald was on Conan. If you were expecting anything close to sanity and coherency then you are obviously neither sane nor coherent. And I will always remember my slightly offensive grandfather whispering to me his newest favorite “Andy Richter the Swedish-German” jokes.

Finally, let’s end it on something political because that’s always fun and never leads to huge arguments and debates in the comments section. Stephen Colbert takes on whether or not torture led to bin Laden’s death in The Word. Awesome sauce.