Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger Leaving ‘The X-Factor’ Too

Nicole ScherzingerLast night, we got word that Steve Jones would not be returning to his hosting position on The X-Factor for the American program’s season. Fans of the show might be disappointed to hear about more dropouts. EW reports that both Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger are also leaving The X-Factor (Fox confirmed Scherzinger’s exit). Thus, all who remain (for now) are Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid. Will you still be tuning in?

The first season of The X-Factor underperformed Cowell’s ratings expectations; factors like the popularity of the British incarnation and the excitement over American Idol vets Abdul and Cowell teaming up as co-judges once more were thought to be enough to pull in a massive viewership. The loss of these judges isn’t likely to help the rating situation either, unless The X-Factor manages to pull in some high-profile music icons out of nowhere.

Reportedly, Scherzinger is leaving the show to focus on developing her own music career, and has left on good terms with costar/producer Cowell. No word yet on what Abdul or Jones will pursue from this point forward, or who will be brought on to replace the host and judges.

What do you think about this tremendous recasting news? Who would you like to see brought in as an X-Factor judge?

Source: EW