Penn & Teller’s Craziest Magic Trick: Late Last Night

Holy shit, Penn and Teller are two gifted performers. They know exactly what to say, when to say it, and how to say it. They are performers; they have that gift of showmanship that propels their act above and beyond a typical magic performance, and this trick they do for Jimmy Fallon proves it. Halfway through, did he really forget the pattern? Of course not, but that’s part of the show. *kisses fingertips* Perfecto!

Turns out Rainn Wilson is a little too weird for the Leno crowd. But don’t worry, he brings them back in with a picture of his six year old son dressed up as the Rusty Train. Awwwwww.

Fallon actually had a really good show last night. Along with P&T, Howard Stern showed up and his interview was as frank as possible. And instead of just having The Roots play him off, he joined in for a rousing rendition of Louie Louie. Pure awesome.

Matthew McConaughey stopped by to chat with Jimmy Kimmel and dammit, that man is so cool! Jeeze, it’s like he doesn’t even try — he doesn’t — which makes it that much more infuriating. Do you know how hard I worked on these six pack abs, tussled hair, and care-free southern drawl? Not hard at all baby, that’s just how I am.