10 People Who Are Really Mad At The Emmy Nominations


Think you’re mad about this morning’s Emmy Awards nominations? Not as mad as these folks! #CloneClub #Fannibals #EmmySnubs and other angry hashtags took over Twitter and it was glorious. 

1. An excellent suggestion…

2. The #Fannibals got cray.

3. In which Tatiany Maslany becomes the new Kanye West.

4. Sometimes, it just hurts.

5. Actually, “stain on the apron” may be the greatest insult of all time.

6. For those of you on #TeamFarmiga

7. The guy who played Pastor Tim on The Americans is super-pissed. Right on:

8. Wait, there are people NOT watching Orphan Black?

9. Who says you can’t get all your anger out in 140 characters or less?

10. Apparently, someone needs to to the #Emmys keys away. Get home safe guys.