Peralta and Santiago’s Shippiest Moments on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Melissa Fumero and Andy SambergFOX Broadcasting Co.

From their very first moments together in the pilot, we saw it: the hate-chemistry is strong with these two (kind of like Marnie and Ray, another couple whose active hate for each other turned Unresolved Sexual Tension [UST] to just plain sexual tension).

Even though their OTP status was made clear in the first episode, the show decided to put their UST on hiatus for a bit, and we haven’t been granted with many romantic (or even quasi-romantic) scenes since. That is, up until “The Bet.”

“The Bet” was kind of Jake/Amy shipper heaven. Because, first off, Boyle’s “truth bombs” (remember his stint on pain meds?) laid it all out on the table: “Jake, you know why little boys pull little girls’ pigtails on the playground? … Because they like the girls and that’s the only way they know how to get their attention.” That definitely sounds about right.

The date was predictably awful (actually, maybe “predictable” is the wrong word; I certainly didn’t expect Jake to drop $1400 bucks on everything from a terrible ’80s bar mitzvah dress to a children’s choir, but its good evidence for Boyle’s truth bomby case), but the stakeout after? Surprisingly romantic – and the way that Jake chose to stay out with Amy (where both could be in their element) was very telling. The best part about a good romantic relationship is the way it reveals different sides of our favorite characters, and we definitely got to see Amy (and Jake, in particular) display previously unseen softer sides (plus, their undercover fake-out proposal gimmick was kind of amazing – even the criminals ship them!).

We get our second (all too brief) big shipper storyline in “Operation Broken Feather.” Amy is offered a promotion to Major Crimes, and Jake does his damnedest to convince her to stay, all the while insisting (just a bit too emphatically) that he doesn’t care about her at all. They have a big breakthrough when Jake finally mans up and admits that he likes working with her (or as he so eloquently puts it, his job “sucks a little less when I get to do it with you”). She takes his uncharacteristic show of maturity as a chance to be the immature one for once, taunting him: “You said I was a good detectiiive, you said I was niiice…” We get a handy little inversion of their relationship, that once again recalls Boyle’s truth bomb – except this time Amy’s pulling Jake’s proverbial pigtails.

Alas, we got no ship-able moments in the most recent episode (and it could have been a Valentine’s Day-centric episode! For shame!), but for shippers the world over, hope springs eternal.

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