Peter Berg Bringing Boxing Docu-Series To HBO

peter bergBoxing is the best sport. It sheds everything unnecessary about athleticism like points, uniforms and the need to put a ball through a designated hoop and boils it down to the basics: two dudes beating the shit out of each other. Elegant, no?

Anyway, the guy that somehow made mid-west hometown football absolutely riveting in Friday Night Lights, Peter Berg, is bringing a documentary show (I shall not deem it low enough for “reality” television) about famed boxing trainer Freddie Roach and his famed establishment Wildcard Boxing Club in Hollywood. It’ll chronicle the usual stuff like training young kids and all the celebrities that stop by, but it’ll get really grounded as Roach battles Parkinson’s. On Freddie Roach will be shot in a cinema-verite style which should give it a real fresh feel and differentiate it from other “reality” shows. Even though I probably wouldn’t watch a sports documentary, the fact that it’s Berg and HBO? That’s enough to at least warrant a check out.

Source: Deadline