‘Phil Spector’ Trailer: Al Pacino As An Impassioned Music Producer Turned Murderer

phil spector trailer

What goes behind the making of a music legend? Apparently, a gun and some bullets. In the first full-length trailer of HBO’s upcoming biopic, Phil Spector, we see Al Pacino morph into the infamous record producer turned murderer.

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In 2009, the real-life Spector was convicted of second degree murder for the 2003 shooting and death of actress Lana Clarkson. The trailer gives us a brief glimpse into the story behind the trial Spector (played by Pacino) had to endure following Clarkson’s death. But even with Helen Mirren playing defense attorney Linda Kenney Baden, it seems unlikely that Spector will get off the hook in this tragic series of events.

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The trailer also shows a glimpse into the complicated, yet passionate relationship that Spector shared with his attorney throughout all his tribulations. Love, death, and passion — what else can we ask for?

Phil Spector airs on HBO March 24.

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[Photo Credit: Phillip V. Caruso/HBO]

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