Phoenix Appears (Insane) on ‘Letterman’

The bizarreness that is Joaquin Phoenix culminated with an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman Wednesday night, and it made for one of the most entertaining talk-show segments in recent history.

Phoenix was on the show to promote his latest — and apparently last — movie, Two Lovers.

But talk quickly changed to the actor’s newfound career as a rapper, which was met with laughter by both the audience and Letterman.

Throughout the interview, Phoenix rarely utters more than one-word answers — made even less intelligible by his mouth-obscuring beard-and-moustache jungle! — and, in fact, he barely utters anything at all.

And towards the end, things seem to go from odd to downright acrimonious.

If this is an act, it’s an absolutely amazing performance — and yet it’s hard to imagine that it’s not. You decide…

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