From ABC’s ‘Revenge’ To ‘Catching Fire’: Why Pregnancies (Fake and Otherwise) Are The Best Plot Twists Ever

Emily VanCamp, RevengeABC/Richard Cartwright

Fake deaths, fake alliances, fake people who are really aliens; there are so many ways to deliver a brilliant plot twist. But there’s nothing like a pregnancy – feigned or real – to take a story in a whole new direction. If you saw The Hunger Games: Catching Fire one weekend, then watched new episodes of ABC’s Revenge and CBS’s The Good Wife, you may have noticed a trend. If someone gets knocked up, or pretends to get knocked up, it’s a total game changer. Let’s discuss why … and BTW: SPOILERS AHEAD!

Katniss & Peeta Get Faux Pregs

Everything changes in Catching Fire when Peeta announces that Katniss is totally pregnant by him, right before they head back into the arena. It hardly even matters that she’s not actually carrying his baby, all that matters is that the people of the Capitol believe him, and it feels so real! The thought of someone actually playing the Hunger Games whilst carrying a child is so horrifying – and brilliant Peeta totally knew this. In a world where even children are unprotected and forced to murder each other for entertainment, somehow an unborn child was able to tug at the strings of an otherwise heartless society.

Emily Thorne Knows How To Keep/Trap A Man

As season three of Revenge soldiers on, Emily Thorne’s plot against the Grayson family gets more and more twisted. Not only is she pretending to be in love with Daniel and playing the perfect fiancé, but when she saw him slipping away from her, she threw a total monkey wrench into the game plan. The words “I’m pregnant” changed everything, and pretty much negated any thoughts Daniel had of leaving. Then there’s the part where she plans to frame the incomparable Victoria Grayson for her impending fake murder, which will be all the more dramatic since everyone now thinks she’s carrying the next Grayson baby. It’s such a slimy move, but all’s fair in love and revenge!

Peter Florrick: Are YOU The Father?!

The 100th episode of The Good Wife was a total game changer. We’d all been watching Peter’s beautiful ethics lawyer Marilyn Garbanza walking around with a burgeoning baby bump (and small garbage pails, for the occasional bout of morning sickness), when she suddenly revealed that she was naming her baby … Peter?! Now this pregnancy is real (we assume), but it has introduced an amazing plot twist in an already amazing season. Eli’s epic spit take (in reaction to Marilyn’s baby name) tells us that he’s thinking what we’re thinking. But is Peter really her baby daddy? We’ll have to wait and see. If so, this changes everything! What will become of Alicia and Peter? Alicia and Will? And what about poor Eli? We know his nerves won’t be able to handle such madness. All of which proves once again that pregnancy is a scary, scary, life-changing thing.