‘Pretty Little Liars’: Keegan Allen and Troian Bellisario on Spencer and Toby’s Big Reveal 

Pretty Little Liars

How would you feel if your amazing, sweet and incredibly sexy boyfriend was actually working with a team of psychopaths whose main goal in life was to stalk and torment you? Damn! Hard to even imagine, right? Well in tonight’s highly anticipated Pretty Little Liars, Spencer is finally going to discover something that we’ve already known for months: Toby is a full-fleged, scheme-creating, black hoodie-wearing member of the A team. Get excited little liars, because the result is going to be absolutely jaw-dropping. 

In preparation for the nail-biting reveal, Hollywood.com sat down with stars Keegan Allen and Troian Bellisario to discuss tonight’s episode, “Misery Loves Company.” And guess what? Toby’s not the only one with a secret…

Allen dishes that all the drama unfolds on the couple’s anniversary. “Spencer will find out,” he says. “But it blows open the relationship in a really dangerous way.” Bellisario adds, “The scene itself is just going to be a whirlwind for everybody.” 

Bellisario continues, “Usually what happens on our show is that — in a matter of dramatic irony — the audience knows before the characters. Actually, what you’ll find when this does occur is [that] Spencer has a little secret of her own.” Well it wouldn’t be Pretty Little Liars without yet another secret, would it? 

And while the Liars wouldn’t reveal exactly what Spencer’s secret is, something tells us that little miss perfect has known about Toby’s double life for quite some time. Allen confirms, “Spencer is really intelligent, and I almost feel that you will see it in her eyes when she knows, when she finds out… it’s a great episode. It’s actually one of my favorite episodes that we’ve ever filmed.” 

As we saw in last week’s Mona v. Spencer debate team showdown, Spencer’s intelligence is definitely one of her biggest assets. However, her ability to hold an amazing poker face is definitely a close second. “You find out that she has known a lot more than she’s been letting on,” Bellisario says. She also says that having a secret of her own was intriguing to play, both on and off-screen. “That was very fun for me to play, especially with Keegan, because he was like ‘Oh man I hate having these loving scenes with you and I’m evil.’ And I’m like, ‘well it’s coming right back at you, just you wait!’”

One thing we know for sure is that this is something that will be talked tweeted about. Allen agrees. “I can’t imagine actually how the audience will react now that I think about it,” he says. “I’m going to live vicariously through our audience when watching it. I think through social media I will hear a lot about it.” You hear that little liars?! Make sure you keep tweeting tonight, because you never know which member of the A team could be reading your thoughts.

Are you excited for tonight’s all-new episode of Pretty Little Liars? How do you think Spencer will react when she confronts Toby? How long do you think Spencer has known the truth? Spill your secrets in the comments below!

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