‘Pretty Little Liars’ Boss Spills Season 4 Secrets: Could [Spoiler!] Really Be Red Coat?

 Pretty Little Liars

Wow! The Season 3 finale of Pretty Little Liars just blew across our TV screens like whirlwind of craziness and now we’re left trying to put all the pieces back together. While many secrets were revealed, it seems that Red Coat’s web of lies has left us with even more questions than ever before — and now we have to wait three whole months before we’re back in Rosewood with the Liars.

To help get your prepared for all the excitement and intrigue of Season 4, Hollywood.com chatted with Pretty Little Liars executive producer Oliver Goldstick. Here are some truly frightening details he revealed about what’s coming up and who can be trusted.

WARNING: There are MAJOR spoilers from the Season 3 finale of Pretty Little Liars ahead. Read at your own risk. We’re serious!

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First things first: Red Coat. We learned many things about the mysterious girl who’s been running around Rosewood all season like a deranged little Red Riding Hood. Neither Mona nor Toby — That’s right, Toby’s alive! (more on that in just a bit) — knows Red Coat’s true identity and it’s clear that the mysterious figure has been blackmailing her minions of As into doing what she wants. She’s the queen bee, the star. Those other two are just her workers. (Mean Girls quote FTW!)

However, we clearly saw in the fog-filled forest and just outside the blazing fire that the infamous Red Coat is none other than the girl who started it all: Alison DiLaurentis. True, appearences can be fleeting, but Mona, Spencer and Hanna all saw the same girl saving the Liars from the burning building. Goldstick reveals the biggest question of the night: “Is it possible that the person who is hurting you could also save you?” It’s quite a heart-stopping question.

And speaking of hearts, let’s address the fact that Toby is alive! Do you hear that? Millions of girls are shrieking in excitement. In attempt to destroy Spencer’s last shred of sanity, Mona made Toby play along with a plan to make it seem like Spencer’s beloved had been murdered. Goldstick reveals,”Initially [Spencer’s] mission was to find out where [Toby] is and that’s why she joined the A team.” Now Spencer has not only found her man, but she also discovered that he was trying to protect her this entire time. Aww, what a sweet yet totally twisted happy ending!

As for whatever the girls found in the trunk of Wilden’s formerly lake-bound cop car, after chatting with Goldstick, it’s safe to assume that there’s a body lodged in there. “There’s going to be another death, that’s something that really launches us into Season 4,” Goldstick teases. “I’m not going to say who or when or where, but the population will be one less once again in Rosewood.”

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Although it’ll be an agonizing three months, many more answers will be revealed once PLL returns for Season 4 — and quickly. Goldstick explains that production on the new season has already begun, and a familiar and very important face will be returning to Rosewood. “We have Mrs. DiLaurentis coming back into town and living in that house and having some very bizarre behavior, which will lead the girls to question Alison’s death further,” he reveals.

Fans might recall a few weeks ago when Spencer’s mom revealed a painful flashback in which Alison blamed her bloody lip on a “she.” Hollywood.com quickly guessed that this “she” could be Mrs. DiLaurentis, and we were rewarded with a coy yet promising answer. “Possibly! Ooh you picked up on that last week huh? You’re very good, you’re like a detective because you pick up on good details,” Goldstick said. Psshh, it’s cool, we’re just completely obsessed with television. It’s no big deal…

Another face to look out for? Ali’s friend Cece. “We also don’t want you to lose sight of Cece because that’s a relationship that we thought was so mentor/pupil, but it looks like it may have gone awry. And we know if Ali got her kicked out of school at some point, there’s some harsh feelings there probably.” Noted!

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Since the population of Rosewood is quickly dwindling, Goldstick reveals that next season the producers are looking to bring some new — and undoubtedly attractive — faces to town. “There’s going to be some interesting romance that is new for us on this show,” he teases. “Some new people and some new players.”

Not to worry Little Liars, these new characters will not distract us from the dark pieces that are still missing from our dangerous puzzle. “There’s going to be some questions that are answered in these first three or four episodes of Season 4,” the executive producer promises. “You will know exactly what happened on Halloween. You’ll get some good answers as to who put Aria in the box and why, what was going on there. You’ll know who was wearing that Queen of Hearts costume. And you may have answers regarding Alison’s summer in Cape May. Who was she contorting with? Maybe it was somebody that we’ve never even met yet. Alison had an interesting double life.”

Even though die-hard fans of Pretty Little Liars will be rewarded with sought-after answers, the fourth season will raise just as many questions as the previous three. “There’s a lot of stuff that comes out and we answer a lot of questions in these early episodes,” Golstick says, “but don’t get me wrong — other mysteries still deepen.”

What did you think of the season three finale of Pretty Little Liars? Who do you think was in the trunk of that car? Are you relieved to know that Toby is alive? Tell us your secrets in the comments below.

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