‘Pretty Little Liars’ Fans Will Get a Shocking Reveal in Season 4 Premiere

Credit: ABC Family

The Season 4 premiere of Pretty Little Liars is just a few weeks away but we can’t wait that long — we have to share this huge, shocking, spoiler with you right away!

Executive Producer Marlene King took to Twitter Wednesday afternoon and revealed that in the June 11th premiere fans will finally learn the hidden identity of the Halloween masked miscreant. Last October, fans watched as a cryptic villain hidden behind a Queen of Hearts costume tormented the liars on their train ride from hell. And now, after eight months of questions and speculations, fans will finally learn the truth.

Executive producer Oliver Goldstick revealed to us a few months ago that many answers from the Halloween special will be revealed very quickly in Season 4. “You will know exactly what happened on Halloween. You’ll get some good answers as to who put Aria in the box and why, what was going on there. You’ll know who was wearing that Queen of Hearts costume.” Golstick continues, “And you may have answers regarding Alison’s summer in Cape May. Who was she contorting with? Maybe it was somebody that we’ve never even met yet. Alison had an interesting double life.”

There have been plenty of jaw-dropping spoilers sprinkled throughout the Interwebs over the past few months. First we learned that PLL is getting a highly anticipated spin-off about a mysterious and cursed town called Ravenswood and then we found out that the oh-so handsome Caleb is going to be moving to said creepy town!

Need more Season 4 scoop? Check out all the dark details to find out more about Ali’s return, the true identity of Red Coat, a new death and more. Which Rosewood resident do you think was hiding behind the Queen of Hearts mask?

Season 4 of Pretty Little Liars premieres Tuesday June 11 at 8 PM on ABC Family.

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