‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 4: Is Mona Officially Off The ‘A’ Team?

Pretty Little Liars

For the past three seasons our four little liars have been teased, tormented, and threatened by the infamous “A,” and now it looks like we’re officially adding a fifth liar to the group. In the newest trailer for Season 4 of Pretty Little Liars, Mona has been admitted into the inner circle of Rosewood’s most cyber stalked — and she doesn’t seem too happy to be on the other side of the text message threats.

We’ve already seen the brand new and ultra sexy Pretty Little Liars poster, and now the powers that be at ABC Family are teasing us with 30 seconds of heart-pounding footage that raises a coffin-full of questions: What is in the trunk that made all five liars gasp with horror? Why is Aria having a full-on freak out in her car? Whose body is floating in the water? And last but certainly not least — could Ali really be Red Coat?

Take a look at the clip below and watch as the liars — yes all five of them — receive their newest warning from the dangerous unknown: “The truth won’t set you free, I’m going to burry you with it. – A”

Don’t miss the Season 4 premiere of Pretty Little Liars Tuesday June 11 on ABC Family!

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