‘Pretty Little Liars’ Spinoff in The Works: Welcome to ‘Ravenswood’

pretty little lairs spinoff

Got a secret, can you keep it? Swear this one you’ll save… Any diehard Pretty Little Liars fan knows exactly how to finish the show’s infamously eerie theme song, but we’ve got a secret we bet you didn’t know: Pretty Little Liars has been renewed for a fifth season! And we’re getting a Pretty Little Liars spinoff!

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That’s right, thrill seekers. Get ready to travel to the mysterious town of Ravenswood, Penn. where the drama is sure to be just as pulse-racing and terrifying as it is in the neighboring city of Rosewood. ABC Family announced the news Tuesday via the official Pretty Little Liars Twitter account and within seconds the Internet was swirling with countless questions about the new drama.

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Pretty Little Liars creator Marlene King clarified that she cannot reveal who will be traveling to Ravenswood, but fans can definitely expect to learn all about the town’s “dark secrets.”

Here’s what we do know: the new show will premiere in October, after the Pretty Little Liars Halloween special, and it’s about five strangers who have something eerie in common. How mysterious! Curious for more? Of course you are! Click Here for even more Ravenswood secrets, pictures and clips!

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What do you think Ravenswood will be about? Share your conspiracy theories in the comments below!

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