From ‘Pretty Little Liars’ to ‘Glee,’ Take a Look at TV’s 10 Cutest Couples

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ABC Family’s mega-hit series Pretty Little Liars came back with a vengeance on Tuesday and rewarded viewers with highly anticipated (and not to mention longly awaited) answers to all our burning questions — but that’s not the only thing that’s smoldering in Rosewood. We just can’t get enough of the neighborhood’s cutest couple, Spencer and Toby. The premiere episode reminded us that they’re perfect together and after all the backstabbing and heartbreak, it’s nice to see the couple is still going strong.

Although Spencer and Toby are pretty damn cute, we can’t deny that they are only one of our favorite on-screen couples. The small screen fantasyland is filled with quirky, funny, sweet, and passionate love stories that inspire us to believe in love. We hate to admit it but when it comes to televised romances, we’re kind of… sort of… most definitely more invested in these fictional relationships than our own. (Sorry honey!) From Glee‘s most passionate duo to The Vampire Diaries‘ sexiest bloodsuckers, let’s take a look at the top 10 cutest couples on TV that we will never break up with. 

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