Preview Of NBC’s Thursday Night Comedy Christmas Specials!

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

It’s beginning to look a lot like an amazing Christmas this year if you’re a fan of NBC, or at least their comedies, or at least good comedy in general. We have the first sneak peaks at the three special Christmas episodes including Community’s sure-to-be-a-holiday-staple claymation episode, 30 Rock sees the return of Avery, and in The Office Holly is back! The fun starts at 8pm and honestly, I’d be cool if Christmas was canceled right after these aired because there is no way anything could top this. So don’t even bother wrapping those presents, Mom.

First up we have a peak at Community and be glad you’re only getting this little dose. You want to keep this present wrapped and not spoil Christmas morning.

Presents and pie. That’s what 30 Rock is all about.

It’s rather unfortunate that we won’t get to see any of the Ludachristmas, but judging from what we see here we might have come out on the better side for it.

The amount of win in this clip is staggering. Alan Alda and Elizabeth Banks? I… I… Just watch it.

This is a general summary of the episode and includes most of the stuff in the others below. But it does include a little clip which I won’t spoil for you but looks like classic The Office. Hooray this is an hour long episode!

Holly is back! Yay!

Wait, what? Everything is perfect? This can’t last.

Oh Jim and Dwight. So adorable.

Remember how I said everything couldn’t last? Told ya.

Of course Michael thinks a classy suit is velvet smoking jacket.

Source: NBC Universal