Preview The Best Big Game Commercials In Video


Let’s be honest, the big game has gotten quite boring.

It’s always New England, and this year if the birds manage to win, Philidelphia will be burned to the ground with “celebrations”. This year we at least have Justin Timberlake who will straight up own the halftime show, but the other reason to watch is the commercials. For once you don’t want to fast forward since this will be the first time, and sometimes only time, you will see the funniest and most heartwarming commercials out there. Ad space can be for millions of dollars and it’s always interesting to see who will have the best and most talked about commercials.

To celebrate those ads CBS is running a special this Tuesday called “Super Bowls Greatest Commercials” and this year its man vs beast. Boomer Esiason and Daniela Ruah will be the hosts that guide us through those commercials, and there are sure to be some of your favorites. In the above video preview 10 of those ads, and be sure to check them out when they air.


‘Super Bowl Greatest Commercials 2018’ will air January 30, 2018, on CBS.